white it will be

After a tour of a large, new (to us) antique mall 
where we focused on painted furniture to gather ideas for paint colors,
we settled on WHITE for this piece.
It is going to be beautiful!  
In the meantime, the top of this fine nightstand was sanded
and finished with a couple of coats of polyurethane.
It's a beauty!


  1. you're really productive these days. White is always the answer for me. Wondering if you will paint the nightstand too?

    1. Will leave that for the buyer. :)
      Hubby sanded and refinished the top, but the rest of it looks quite good.
      When not necessary for other reasons, I personally prefer wood.

  2. I'm swooning, Rebecca. I love both pieces. And I wouldn't paint the nightstand, either. It's just beautiful. Hugs, Nancy

  3. Love the dresser all dressed up!!! ;) I believe it's a keeper.

  4. I like the nightstand as it is but love painted furniture too. White is such a good choice. Lots of work goes into this kind of craft and you two do it well. What a great team you are!

  5. Wow! You two do such amazing work!


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