book decor

 Today it was book decor that caught my eye
while thumbing through current magazines.
I actually THOUGHT I'd taken more photos,
but when I got home to upload them from my phone's camera -
this was it!
I'll add them to my Pinterest board bearing the same title as this post.

 Meanwhile, here's a great quote with which I completely concur:

I like it when people don’t try too hard. I think the best results come 
when people are true to themselves and create an environment that reflects their personality. 
My favourite homes are real homes 
where you are not left wishing you had the same 
but rather feel touched by the experience of being in that place. 
Read more HERE.

(And here's a sweet leather chair thrown in for good measure.)
(It, too, will find a place in my Pinterest files.)


  1. I would love to have a room for ALL my books...but can't really complain because I have books in ALL my rooms! Happy May Day, Rebecca!!

    1. Oh, the same with ME, Claudia! Happy May Day to YOU!

  2. Books! Our friends, for sure. Who could live without them? Susan

  3. Oh, I love all the books, Rebecca! Do you recall the one small home I featured that had the library in the dining room? So inspirational! Have a great day! xo ~ Nancy

  4. Books always add color and character to a space. Cozy and comfortable really makes a home inviting.

  5. I'm now following a bunch of your Pinterest boards and your blog. Love this post! I'll be linking to it on Friday, July 15th, at my blog. :)

    1. Well hello, Susan! It's good to meet you. Hope you'll return soon & keep in touch.


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