miscellaneous on wednesday

For what's going on with the sewing machine, click HERE.
And yesterday, I was especially thankful for my cell phone's camera
when I came across these like-new golf shoes in one of my favorite thrift stores!
I texted the photo to my husband who said, "Yes!"
Finally, here's the potting bench my husband's been working on with a base coat of paint.
Can't wait until it's finished!


  1. Oh, I need to get my studio cleaned up so I can get to my sewing machine. I have some things that need attention (well, what DOESN'T need attention around here?) Those golf shoes look like they're in great shape. Love how the potting bench is coming along. Super neat! Hugs, Nancy

    1. I left my sewing machine out on the kitchen table hoping to move from something necessary to something creative. (So far, I'm only hoping...)

  2. Can I have that potting-bench-making husband of yours? Love the simple lines that will let all the implements and plants show well.


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