Saturday, I tweaked!
The sun porch in the back of our house had become the unloading dock
for most everything all winter long.
While trying to get it straightened a bit, 
I came across both the print AND the empty frame (above).
My husband took the frame to the local hardware store and had a glass cut to fit in,
cut in insert to cover the back and applied a hanger.
I have JUST the place for it!
he stitched the binding that had begun to detach from one of the rug's (below) back sides.
When surveying the finished product, 
I realized there were roosters in each corner and the middle!
How could I not have realized this?
Having noticed that, the logical place to put it was in front of the faux mantel
in our dining area where the five roosters join
more roosters, swan, geese and a few other miscellaneous fowl.
All items seen in these photos were garage sale or thrift store purchases
or -in the case of the mantel, for example - curbside treasures!


  1. Your mantel is fabulous, Rebecca. I can't believe that was a curbside find. Love that whole corner. . .the chair and pillows, the rug, the pineapple. All of it is just so perfect. xo

  2. Ahhhhh, thanks! I'm pleased, too. Just dressed up the laminate floor beautifully!

  3. WOW, you certainly have some wonderful treasures. That mantle is amazing and I love the rug.

    Have a nice Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  4. All your pieces prove thrift store finds are sometimes better than buying new.

  5. You are perking up for spring! We had 80s for few days but now chilly with showers. I'm as confused as the weather!

    1. Here too - the erratic weather... :)


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