enjoyable, inexpensive, productive

These.  Five of them for $1.00!
Odd number, to be sure,
but they fit in well with my blue and white dishes.
They're a great size and glass.
I'm not a fan of plastic glasses, so having extras around
allows for the inevitable breakage.
My husband also bought two wonderful pairs of shoes - $1 each.
I bought a black tee.  I wear them almost every single day,
so I like having an extra or two in the "wings".
Most importantly, the two hours spent were enjoyable, inexpensive, and productive!

Oh.  This, too.
I have a small collection of plaques like these....


  1. I've been looking at purging my closet again, and as I consider what to keep almost everything is black. I wear a lot of black. I buy colors and wear them occasionally, but my go-to clothes are black or white.

  2. Great finds! I'm also a fan of thrift stores and thankfully, we have many in the area!

  3. Well shopped! I've just spent two weeks on a road trip and only bought one thing during the whole time. I'm a big fan of your dishes and plaque. Simple and heartfelt.


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