best buy of 2019 (so far)

 When he lost his winter coat
right before spending a few days
with us during Christmas break,
I crossed my fingers and we
headed out to the Bargain Box.
My very favorite thrift shop.
Not only did we find a GREAT winter coat in his size that he liked,
we found a lighter weight jacket
that he wore day and night!
All for under $5!


  1. Doesn't he look cool? Lovely to see a youngster playing a board game, too. Happy New Year! x

  2. What a score you had, Rebecca! That satin bomber jacket is right in style again with the kids - his friends will be so jealous!

    Never heard of Blockus, but it looks fun!

  3. Blockus IS fun! And yes, "bomber" was what he called it. $1.50!


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