The sun rose behind us as we made our way toward Chicago early last Sunday.
 A low cloud intercepted the skyline
making for an interesting photo...
We entered the Taft High School where this sign greeted us.
Our son-in-law pastors the church which moved into this new location.
Here, the principal welcomes the congregation.
The school building is projected on the screen behind them.
The movie Grease was filmed here!
The empty auditorium before the action.
It soon held an encouraging number of folk from the old location
a well as several newcomers from the neighborhood.
It was a morning well-spent,
and this was the scene as we headed back south toward downtown,
enjoying the magnificent buildings as we went.
This one, a little north of the city, was particularly
intriguing to me.
I DO love the city.
Quite a contrast to the Pony Parade the day before!


  1. That first photo is breathtaking! Very cool to be in that school with it's history. It's exciting that there were some new people there. I hope the church does well in it's new location!

    1. 👋Mari! It WAS good to see a public school so well-maintained. Classic! And "yes" re. the church's future.😊


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