pieces and parts

My husband's been a busy man reconstructing three unusual
pieces from a friend's garage.
She had various pieces and parts that she was ready to get rid of.
He's been sawing and shaping, painting and staining.
 The little wicker stand above is my favorite of the three, I believe.
 This table (above) was missing the bottom shelf.  (Only a part of it was there.)  
 So he cut a new one!
And THIS one is the strangest of all!  Not sure WHAT it is or was!
It IS made up of the prettiest oak wood you'd ever want to see though.
Maybe a plant stand????


  1. the table of second pic are stunning *__*

  2. Love the table!! What a good man to reconstruct and recycle!

  3. Fabulous pieces....and your husband is a KEEPER!
    He's fantasic at restoring>
    I too, love the wood in the last photo. I enlarged it and had a look....beautiful, Rebecca.

  4. Hi Rebecca!
    Happy new year, friend!
    I also love that sweet little wicker fellow.
    The last one.... hmm, that is a stumper!
    At first Ii thought it was maybe an odd cat stand
    or maybe one of those weird ergonomic computer chairs but I don't think so! Is it handmade?

    You are so lucky to have a handy guy.
    Enjoy the Eve!

  5. The wicker stand is perfect. Useful for a plant stand or just something to sit beside a chair and hold a cup of tea. Not coffee tho, hahaha. It just looks like "tea time" to me.


  6. I like the little wicker table, too. How blessed to have such a handy husband who can make treasures out of cast off items. These are all keepers.

  7. A friend of ours messaged me Saturday to say he had an antique oak barrister that he wondered if we would be interested in having.
    Oh, my! It's something we NEVER thought we would ever have. He even brought it over and set it up for us. Two pieces of glass need replacing, but our daughter-in-law works for a company that sells glass - so we're good!
    Thrift, antique, free-bees - I LOVE decorating this way, don't you?!


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