One of my winter projects will be figuring out another way to store wrapping paper!
When I found this shopping cart at a thrift store this past year,
I thought it would make a good place to store wrapping paper.
Now I know better.
I've pulled out various rolls of wrapping paper and wallpaper
that I think will be suitable for wrapping Christmas gifts today.
I keep my eyes open for these rolls throughout the year at thrift stores
and garage sales.  I enjoy having a good assortment to choose from.


  1. Hi Rebecca....I got tons of rolls dirt cheap at Target after Christmas last year. The non Christmasy paper I used all through the year. The rest I've used all this season. Terriffic.

    I store the rolls in a large, tall basket in a spare room----easily accessible.

    Take care and have a good day. Susan

  2. I love it Rebecca...I need to find me one too.

  3. Rebecca I have not bought a new roll of wrapping paper in years. I always buy it at yard sales when I see it. Also I grew up in home that recycled Christmas paper. So I do that as well.

  4. That is a fantastic idea!! you are so clever!! Merry Christmas Rebecca have a wonderful holiday ~Love Heather

  5. I just have my rolls of wrapping paper standing on end in a cardboard box. I noticed I have plenty and plenty of gift sacks. I told my husband I'm not buying anymore gift wrap, after what I have is gone, I'll start stamping on grocery sacks! I also pick up gift wrapping curling ribbon. Get it for 25 cents, etc. In fact, today at the second hand store, they had a huge plastic container of lavender curling ribbon for 25 cents each. I didn't buy any--I could go back on Friday though and get some.


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