what my chairs are wearing

 Today I took a break from shopping to catch up on some magazine reading 
at Barnes and Noble.
The chair above caught my eye--partly because of the way it had been "patched"
with complementary floral fabric...
and partly because it reminded me of the two chairs that sit in our spare bedroom.
  First of all, know that I have a love affair with chairs!
When I found these two particular chairs, I was drawn in by their price 
and the unique structure of the one below.
  Both needed to be recovered.

 It didn't take for me to decide on some vintage fabric 
salvaged from old curtains that I'd found in a thrift store.
 I had enough to cover this ottoman, too.
I've never regretted the decision to use this fabric in this way.
It fits.  And the chairs have found a place in the last three houses we've lived in.


  1. Oh Rebecca...it is just lovely!


  2. I love the shape of the chair, too, Rebecca. What a great find...and you covered them nicely.
    I'm glad that they have found a place in your last three homes.

  3. Beautiful chairs love the fabric :) happy new year love Heather

  4. Oh WOW, Rebecca. You did a great job with those chairs.

    If you lived closer, I'd ask you to show me how to upholster. I can't even imagine being able to do that.

    I LOVE flowered fabrics, too. Susan

  5. Susan, Someone ELSE upholstered them. It's a skill I wish I had, too. I didn't mean to mislead anyone. :)

  6. All of the chairs are lovely. Seeing those flowered chairs does something good in my spirit. They just sooth away a weary day. You are blessed to have yours.

  7. Using vintage drapery material on the chairs was brilliant! The chairs are wonderful and now, I will keep my eyes open for vintage material at Goodwill!

  8. Rebecca, you have inspired me. Since christmas was so difficult for us this year, I took my cue from you. When we bought our new church building there were many chairs for sale. Nice wooden country style chairs for $1 each. we bought 8 of them , cleaned them and polished them. and then gave them to my daughter and SIL. They loved them! even tho they weren't brand new! Made me feel so much better about giving it. :)


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