no surprises here

 When my services weren't needed at the courthouse yesterday
 (I'd been called up for jury duty),
I headed happily down the street to my Favorite Thrift Store.
 I didn't find anything major...
That I bought the items above should not come as any surprise 
 to those who know how I love blue and white.
 This book, published in 1965, caught my eye.
 I have a brother-in-law named Hal.
 I think this will make a wonderful "just-because" gift!
 I might have to read it first.
 Just look at this wonderful map on the inside cover...
 and one of the illustrations inside - blue and white, of course.
(It must be Hal, up that tree.)
Seems the time is right for blue and white!
Look at this picture from April's edition of Country Living magazine...

 What have YOU found this week?
Anything BLUE?


  1. Love those old books! And of course you find some nice blue and whites that always interest me. No findsfor me this week...was in state capital reading my tornado poem. Thought we could stop at flea markets and thrifty places on the way, but it never happened this time. Well...there is the future. I supposed the cloth above is a hankie, but is it big enough to line a small bread basket?

    1. Actually, there are two of them. I think they are casual lunch napkins (with other possibilities, of course).

  2. I can see using those blue & white napkins as little doileys on your shelves, folded so a corner hangs down, with one of your white dishes anchoring it...NICE!

    I've gone overboard buying baby girl clothing for Eva on the swap group...It's really hard to resist a two piece outfit, some still with store tags, for $1-3 ... !

  3. I need to get thrifting I could use a few dresses and skirts....when I get home to Cali I will head to my favorite thrift shop :) can't wait ~Enjoy your new treasures Love Heather

  4. I found a cute short red trendy jacket and a few vintage jewel trinkets!

  5. I had planned on an outing today with Sue but she had to change her plans so I do not have anything to share...but I am sure I would have :)

  6. Hi Rebecca...Have not found any treasures this week cuz I have had NO TIME to go looking. Hmmm. We'll have to see about that this weekend. ha ha ha Susan p.s. Nice blue and white treasures you found!

  7. All the clothes at the thrift shop around the corner from me were 94 cents. I found three shirts for me. Steve found one for him. Found a few things for the grandkids too. My 'fun find' there was an antique lingerie washboard.
    At our next stop I found four Johnson Brothers Snow White Regency mugs for 50 cents each. Oh, and an embossed milk bottle from a local dairy that still had the cardboard 'pog'.
    You sure did great!

  8. I love old books. I also enjoy seeing all of the vintage endpapers. And blue and white - you can't go wrong with that. The last cute thing I bought was a ceranic tray with a peach pepper and strawberry pyramid salt set.


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