wrapping up march

 "Made in Britain" reads the bottom of this blue and white treasure.
 This white oval piece is small, but heavy.
Another ironstone piece for my collection.
 One of a couple of games I thrifted last week to play with our grandchildren.
 We've played three spirited rounds of Uncle Wiggily already this weekend!
 Our grandson used $.50 of his dollar to buy this Chicago Bulls cap.
Granddaughter bought an American Girl book - a compilation of
Molly stories still in its wrap -  with hers. 
I "needed" this miniature wooden bowl for my wooden bowl collection.
Can you tell that I've thrifted more than usual this week?
It was a fun way to "wrap up" March.


  1. Hi Rebecca....Sounds like a great way to me to wrap up March! Nice job! Susan

  2. Hi again,
    Some nice finds, don't you love finding something you can add to a collection. Uncle Wiggly, oh my heavens, have not heard of that in probably 50 years I bet. Hubby remembered it too. Don't remember how to play it or what you did, but I so remember the name.
    I am wondering if Toy R us carries that game?? or if it is obsolete
    now. Nice find for your grandchildren, bet they loved it.

    Looks like you found something for the whole family, that was nice.

    Have a lovely lovely weekend my friend,
    blessings, Nellie

  3. Rebecca, you thrift finds are awesome. I love the white ironstone dish!

  4. You find the BEST treasures Rebecca!!! And your grandkiddos take right after you!! Good for them...learning the thrill of the thrifty hunt.

  5. I loved Uncle Wiggly as a kid! I wish you were close enough for me to hand off a couple of pieces of white ironstone! You are right, it is heavy stuff. I have some salad bowls I collected to use for cereal but hubby hates them, so I think I will give them up. I need to part with "something" in this full house!

  6. March thrifting yeilded up quite a few goodies for you. I love hearing that you are teaching the grandkids to be thrifters too.


    1. Mostly I hope that our grandchildren know that you don't have to have everything "new" to be enjoyed. I hope to teach them that you don't need "things" to be happy - and not to buy something just because you have a little money in your pocket. I want them to learn to save for something they REALLY want/need.

  7. You always seem to find the best treasures, Rebecca!
    Love the ironstone!

  8. Hi my dear-you've been thrifting some really lovely bargains, well done! Happy Easter to you too xxx

  9. Hi Rebecca, just dropping by to wish you a Happy Easter......

  10. It looks like the grands my have inherited your eye for good thrifting finds.

  11. I love anything blue and white and I will never have enough crockery! YOU did good!1 :)

  12. I loved Uncle Wiggley as a child.

  13. Your granddaughter got an amazing deal. Those Molly books are the best. There's nothing like the 50s.


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