Who SAYS you don't find anything curbside these days????
(Oops.  That would be me.)
Well, yesterday, the tide turned and we found THIS enroute home from
a Memorial Day visit with our son and his family. 


  1. Way to go Rebecca! That's a real gem.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. And no rust! What luck! Was it just sitting there all alone, or were there other "treasures"? Linda@Wetcreek Blog

    1. Actually, there WAS the shell of a wooden baby bed, too......

  3. What a find! I can't imagine someone throwing this away!

  4. After cleaning it up, I realized that 8"/9" plates don't fit on it. What would one DO with it? (Maybe that's why it was trashed?)

  5. maybe it's made for potted plants? don't know, but I would've been thrilled to find it!

  6. Okay...will berry bowls fit it? I bet there is a dish of some kind that will fit it...saucer maybe. How big is the circle?
    It there enough room between shelves that a flower pot of various herbs could be grown here?

  7. Oh, I remember wanting one of those for ages but the one I had my eye on held regular sized dinner plates, whatever size that is. I saw it stacked with plates and thought it looked so attractive and useful but finally decided against it because I couldn't figure our where I'd sit it once full of plates. Hope you find a good use for yours.


  8. Oh sweet lady, I hope you are in the way of mending after your heap replacement surgery! My Bil just had that done too and he is doing pretty well! I love this, I never have found those around, plates always look so pretty on them with a touch of old fashion. Thanks for popping in to visit while I was away!


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