650 miles of sales

 This was the scene at one of thousands (?) of garage sales last weekend
along 650 miles of Route 127 extending from Michigan through Alabama.
We only visited a few miles of it.  At this stage of my life,
I found it overwhelming!
 Now, we already had three other metal cabinets
serving a variety of purposes (the one above, a broom closet).
However, we couldn't pass up one more (below) -- a $5 purchase.
It wants a new paint job, but maybe you can overlook the splotches
to see its charm...
 Before it could be painted, it was pressed into temporary duty - 
serving as a gathering place at church for donations of snacks and beverages
for our local Christian Youth Center.
It will come home next month for restoration and eventual service--SOMEwhere.


  1. What a huge sale, I'd be in my element! x

    1. Oh my gosh, love love love, would have picked it up too for that price..WOW...two years ago I would have been gong hooooooo to do all that yard saling, but now it is just too overwhelming for me....even the few that we go to each week, I am so careful in what I will get.....great haul you got there.

  2. I have never been to something like this. However on our way to petting zoo, we went through an area sale around Union, Kentucky. Oh my gosh! I never saw so many booths, so many cars, so many people. This road was a narrow meandering street through the hills and vales of the area on outskirts of urban area. I was a wreck just riding along hoping we did not hit someone. It would have been fun to stop-maybe- but not with wee ones!

  3. good bargain on the little cabinet. I can only do one or two garage sales these days. I lose interest too fast any more.

  4. That would overwhelm me too. Like some of the others, I hardly go to garage sales or thrift stores any more. I'm trying to unload not load up. I know if I were to go I'd find something I had to bring home. Nice that your cabinet has a useful home already.


  5. Hi Rebecca. Looks like a cool and useful cabinet. Susan

  6. I love that metal cabinet and for just $5, my goodness, I would have come home with it on my shoulder, lol! Painted and full with food, or whatever you choose to put inside it's a gem!
    Have a blessed week sweet lady.


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