kiddie lit

 Back in "the day" (that would be the late 1960's) I was in college
training to become a teacher.  I'm pretty sure that was when/where
I learned about the Caldecott Award for children's picture books of merit.
In spite of the fact that there is NO room left on our bookshelves for one more book,
yesterday I paid the $.25 price for THIS one sporting a Caldecott medallion 
at my currently-favorite-thrift-store.
 The colorful pictures and clever features amuse me--
along with the bottom line....
You can ALWAYS make something out of nothing.
I shared it with my mother yesterday while visiting her in the Special Care Unit.
She was fascinated with the way Joseph looked over his glasses.
My 87 year old father enjoyed it, too, later.
It's a keeper.


  1. Hugs for your mom and dad. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. I'd buy the book just for the illustrations.


  3. Oh I love a good picture book I still keep them even thought the kids are older ~Love Heather


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