sweet lime pickles

 I am blessed to have generous gardeners in my circle of friends.
We've enjoyed beans, sweet corn, kohlrabi, cabbage tomatoes and zucchini this year, thanks to them.
Their garden is producing a great crop of cucumbers.
I made one batch of refrigerator pickles this week using a recipe off the internet.
In talking with Donna one day, I mentioned three types of pickles
that my grandmother used to make.
When I found her recipe, Donna went to work cutting and soaking the cukes.
 Bright and early yesterday morning, I went to her farmhouse for the final steps--
boiling raisins (in cheescloth above) in the sweet pickling juices
and filling the jars.

We chatted a bit and listened to the lids popping.
Later in the evening, she and her husband delivered several jars to us.
Now I'm searching for a sweet pickled watermelon rind recipe.
Unfortunately, I don't have my grandmother's in my collection, 
but it is the SECOND one of my favorites.  The third is a dill pickle that she made...


  1. Sounds like a fun day and they will taste good this winter. Raisins really???

  2. Hi there! Wow these pickles sound very different and delicious, enjoy!! I hope you and your family are having a wonderful summer too! xx

  3. You will be eating those delicious pickles this winter and reliving in memory your great day.


  4. Hi Rebecca....Can't say as I've ever heard of lime pickles. My aunt used to make yummy bread and butters with onions.

    Thanks so much for stopping by today. Loved your visit. Susan


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