Stepping out of the shower this morning,
 I realized how little the decor in our upstairs bathroom
 had changed in the past five or six years.
My collection of pink florals still bring me pleasure.
Gathered over a period of years, these pictures were purchased
at thrift stores or garage sales
I am in no hurry to replace them.
For me, they have timeless appeal.
What items in YOUR home are timeless in their appeal to you?


  1. Your pictures truly are timeless and lovely.

  2. I agree, timeless. I really like the way you have gathered them together too. Makes more of a statement than finding one here and another there.


  3. Great collection and beautiful too. Besides my art work, I'd say my books were my other collection.

    1. Oh, Barbara! Books are another of my collections, too! And a bit problematic since we need to downsize and it is impossible for me to figure out how to part with ANY of them!

  4. I would agree with books! Also teapots. Taking a bath at your house must be like a shower in a flower garden!

    1. Would you believe I have a few hand-painted tea pot (floral, of course) on the shelves above the window & door in our bathroom ????

  5. I enjoy your decorating style, Rebecca. It's warm and inviting and similar to my own. These are lovely pictures.

  6. Sculptures for me are timeless. I switch out stuff at the drop of a hat, yet I never put away the sculptures. Books I freely give away except certain authors which I would never part with also.

  7. Rebecca, I LOVE your floral pictures! They just are so cheerful! I can see why you haven't changed them. They ARE timeless.

    Thanks for visiting me today!!!

  8. Yes, floral artwork is forever a classic and they always makes as happy and the home too. Lovely collection pretty lady and the way you have them together as opposed to scattered all over the walls.
    Thank you so much for your generous comment my friend, you made my day!!!
    Have a lovely weekend ahead.


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