vanity, vanity

This one was found curbside.
My man stripped it of the varnish that remained.
It sat in the garage waiting a decision to sell "as is" or paint.
Today we sold - "as is".
Before it sold, it was turned down 
by someone who was looking for one for a client.
"Just too large," was the verdict.
I remembered I had THIS one (above) in our spare bedroom.
Its top was cluttered with "stuff".
Since we're downsizing, I asked the "someone" 
if she'd be interested in THIS one.
She was -- and plans to pick it up tomorrow.
I just remembered I have one MORE 
out in the spare-bedroom-back-yard-cabin.
I wonder how much longer I'll hold onto it?
(I can't remember the last time - or ANY time, for that matter - that I actually sat in front of a vanity.)
 How many vanities have you ever had in YOUR house at one time?!?


  1. I love these vanities. I remember looking at myself in my grandmother's vanity that was of the same style you just picked up, and thinking I wanted one exactly like it when I grew up. I only have one right now and it is in the garage. I hope it survives until I move to a bigger space where I can bring the three pieces together again.

  2. Hi Rebecca. As shocking as it may seem, I have NO vanities! ha! Like them, though. Glad you sold a couple, too. Susan

  3. i have just one. The one my grandparents bought soon after they were married. It has held a place of honor in my home (bedroom) for many years and i will never sell it but will pass it on to one of my children or grandchildren.

  4. I have two that belonged to my parents before I was born. One is similar to the larger one you have. The other is in our bedroom and smaller. I look into it daily as I sit and dry my hair and apply my make up. It brings back sweet memories of my mother and sisters who also used it. I have been trying to find a small dresser/chest for our living room but no luck so far.

    1. I love it that you USE your vanity, Sandy.
      If you lived nearer me, I'll just bet I'd have a small dresser/chest that would work for your living room!

  5. well, I believe you certainly take the cake on vanities! I love the look of them, but know I would never use it and just junk the top up. At least I know my limitations! I can imagine all your lovely pieces of furniture done up in paint and sitting pretty in someone's home.

  6. I've never had a vanity in my home, but I've always admired them!
    Mary Alice

  7. Great vanities, I like the one that sold the best though. I once had a vanity, gave it away. Sometimes I wish I still had it.


    1. Actually, they BOTH sold. (I'm left with one that is in our backyard cabin.

  8. Love the vanities you sold honey. I would have bought one for my G'girl Victoria, she loves those and her mom wants one for a romantic room for her, cause she will be 11 soon, for a sort of transition from child to pre-teen.


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