free, healthy (and hot)

The forecast included a heat alert, so we started out early!
We picked up a map and followed it.
 Twenty rocking chairs painted by local artists
 were arranged primarily around the courthouse square.
 It added up to a free,
 and entertaining morning!
 We also checked out a few of the thrift stores,
looking for books by Claire Bee--sports stories requested by one of our grandsons.
 With no luck in THAT department,
 we enjoyed a great dinner buffet before heading home.
 I believe there are other towns that host similar events
 in the summertime...
 How about YOURS?
 I believe this last chair was my favorite.  
It caught my eye from a distance, and up close we discovered
that the design was burnt into the wood!


  1. How cute. I love them all. Some people are so clever - and talented.

  2. worth the walk around town, even in the heat. Inspiring.

  3. What charming chairs!!! Yes, so hot in all of midwest....miserable.

  4. Oh Rebecca, I LOVE events like that.SOooo fun .Susan

  5. Each of these rocking chairs is so creative and fabulous! What a fun outing.
    Mary Alice

  6. Isn't it just amazing how different each one feels? An artists personality really comes out in events like this.

  7. Looks like a great outing. What fun it must have been to see all the rockers in person.



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