sorting - day 3

 In the past week, I've been on a sorting binge.
Day 1 was jewelry.  Boxes and drawers of it.  Where did it come from?
What should I do with it all?
I kept some, made a pile for repair, filled a container to give to granddaughters,
and created a heaping mound  of it to give away or throw away.
Day 2 involved sorting the catch-all shelf under the microwave.
It resulted in a similar outcome.
And today it was games.  I gathered games from three separate storage spaces and began to sort.
When I was finished, I neatly stacked the "keepers" in the game closet.
Below is a picture of at least 17 boxed children's games & activities - many of them quite educational!  They are listed as "free" to anyone who will come and get them.
(I'm pretty sure I have a taker already.)
I still have a medicine-type hanging cabinet full of card games that I ought to go through one of these days.

I'll move on to another sorting challenge soon.  
There are still several categories to go.
What have YOU sorted lately?

 You can't reach for anything new if your hands are full
of yesterday's junk.   (Seen on Facebook)


  1. I admire that you are sorting and giving away things. I will do some sorting today. A truck from United Cerebral
    Palsy will pick up stuff at our house Aug. 14, they have a route. Your granddaughters will enjoy your jewelry.

    1. That's what I should do - line up a date and a truck!

  2. I haven't weeded for a few weeks, but I have a list coming up. I want to weed winter scarves! I also have a habit of keeping "daily work clothes" beyond when I should. At end of summer, I am TOSSING some things! More room in drawers is coming!

    1. I'm putting off "clothes" as long as I can!!!!!!

  3. I cleaned out my closet and got rid of so much sending it to a local charity resale store. I did it with a book that changed my life and view of "stuff". The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Best Books Ever! Only $10

    1. That sounds like a great book! I probably should read it, but I'm kind of on a roll right now and had better not stop!

  4. I sorted out clothing last. I tend to over do at times and the closet gets stuffed. Good for you to purge ruthlessly. I love the quote you have on your Facebook page! That's so me!

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