heaven scent

Forty-plus years ago (in the late '60s)  this was one of my favorite scents.
A few years ago, I came across several of these small bottles of eau de parfum
in a thrift store, I believe.
I'm getting to the last drops of the last bottle, though I don't wear perfume regularly.
I haven't checked if Heaven Sent is still on the market.
I will miss it - and the memories that come with it - when it's gone.
Do YOU have a favorite scent that connects you to your past?


  1. If you search online you could probably find Heaven Sent for sale. I know what you mean about scents taking us back in time, for me it is lilacs which remind me of the lilacs in our garden in our home where I grew up.

  2. Heaven Sent is still available, Rebecca. You can buy it online for sure. I remember that fragrance so well, as it was my favorite at the time you mention. I received my first bottle from my then boyfriend (later husband, now late husband) when I was sick with the flu. He wanted to cheer me up, and boy did he! Though I don't wear perfume too often, I may just have to get myself some Heaven Sent just for old time's sake. Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane. xo ~ Nancy

    1. My question about "your favorite scent" really took off on facebook. What a "Memory Lane" emerged there :)


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