should I be embarrassed?

Should I be embarrassed to admit that I pulled this out of a cabinet and lit it this morning?
We'll be traveling for Thanksgiving 
so I don't have a strong reason for 
Thanksgiving/Harvest decor to occupy my time and efforts.
Instead I find myself needing light on these evenings when it is dark by 5:30!
So this it is.
It was "won" at a gift exchange at a gathering of our small group from church last year,
so it comes with memories and reminds me that our lives have changed
dramatically this past year. 
I don't go "all out" for Christmas decorating.
Give me a few candles, a strand of lights or two and carols playing in the background
and I am content! 
No.  I'm not embarrassed.  
I'm content and thankful for Christmas and all the blessings 
that came along with the First One.
I plan to enjoy the season as long as I can stretch it!


  1. You don't need to be embarassed. You are not selling wares for Christmas. Those are the ones people tend to get upset over putting up Christmas decorations early. I like Christmas and I find in these dark nights it is lovely to have cherry, pretty lights to look at whether inside or outside. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas (albeit early).

  2. No I think you are fine...we DO need light at this time of year. This year's season after Thanksgving will be a short one so it is fine to pull things out a little early, esp when you are doing Thanksgiving somewhere else. I have lots of friends Christmasy in their homes. I want to but am hanging back since I will have a meal here and do not want to shortchange Turkey Day! We did hang outside lights and wreath though while today's weather was so nice. Did you get your book yet, and what are the red berries in yesterday's picture?

    1. No, the book hasn't come yet.
      And the berries - honestly I'm not sure. We inherited the tree when we bought the house. It blossoms beautifully in the spring.

  3. I think it's your choice as to when you start decorating for Christmas. We will put up our tree this weekend and I am finding it hard to wait until then.
    I hope you and your family have a lovely Thanksgiving, Rebecca.

    1. Thanks, Sandy! God bless YOUR family, too.

  4. Nope, no embarrassment required. It's beautiful, Rebecca, and it needs to be displayed and enjoyed. Good for you! Prayers for safe travel and a happy Thanksgiving. xo ~ Nancy

  5. Certainly "no" to the question of should you be embarrassed, Rebecca. I have a little candy tree up in the kitchen already! Love the season, too. A most blessed Thanksgiving to you and all your family. Susan

  6. I quite like your lights. We don't do a tree anymore (visit our daughters who have lovely trees and some of our old ornaments) I do like to sprinkle a little holiday decoration around though and you lights would be perfect.


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