vanity, vanity

This one was found curbside.
My man stripped it of the varnish that remained.
It sat in the garage waiting a decision to sell "as is" or paint.
Today we sold - "as is".
Before it sold, it was turned down 
by someone who was looking for one for a client.
"Just too large," was the verdict.
I remembered I had THIS one (above) in our spare bedroom.
Its top was cluttered with "stuff".
Since we're downsizing, I asked the "someone" 
if she'd be interested in THIS one.
She was -- and plans to pick it up tomorrow.
I just remembered I have one MORE 
out in the spare-bedroom-back-yard-cabin.
I wonder how much longer I'll hold onto it?
(I can't remember the last time - or ANY time, for that matter - that I actually sat in front of a vanity.)
 How many vanities have you ever had in YOUR house at one time?!?


 Stepping out of the shower this morning,
 I realized how little the decor in our upstairs bathroom
 had changed in the past five or six years.
My collection of pink florals still bring me pleasure.
Gathered over a period of years, these pictures were purchased
at thrift stores or garage sales
I am in no hurry to replace them.
For me, they have timeless appeal.
What items in YOUR home are timeless in their appeal to you?


I find myself with  little time and no real outlet in which to sell items
I've acquired over the years.
 I still consider them treasures
and they represent good memories to me,
but they are taking up space that needs to be emptied.
Whatever shall I do?


In a corner of our living room
behind a vintage rocking chair,
sit a couple of stacked shelves.
Treasures fill them....
Of course, everything is second- or third- or fourth-hand.
Except for a rare dusting and an occasional addition of a thrifted child's Golden Book,
very little has changed over the past couple of years.
It's comforting somehow...