another wreath

Still a treasure after all these years!
The hands were those of our youngest daughter in early elementary school
 - maybe even kindergarten.
I laminated the wreath after a few years hoping to preserve it.  
Except for a bend or two, it has held up quite well.

should I be embarrassed?

Should I be embarrassed to admit that I pulled this out of a cabinet and lit it this morning?
We'll be traveling for Thanksgiving 
so I don't have a strong reason for 
Thanksgiving/Harvest decor to occupy my time and efforts.
Instead I find myself needing light on these evenings when it is dark by 5:30!
So this it is.
It was "won" at a gift exchange at a gathering of our small group from church last year,
so it comes with memories and reminds me that our lives have changed
dramatically this past year. 
I don't go "all out" for Christmas decorating.
Give me a few candles, a strand of lights or two and carols playing in the background
and I am content! 
No.  I'm not embarrassed.  
I'm content and thankful for Christmas and all the blessings 
that came along with the First One.
I plan to enjoy the season as long as I can stretch it!


Hubby is out of town, so yesterday I gifted myself with some leisurely strolls
through a couple of thrift stores...
 two of my Favorite Thrift Stores, in fact!
 Here's looking at what I brought home with me.
 I'm especially fond of this fabric "throw".  The colors don't show up as brightly 
as they are in person  For only $.75, I think it is my favorite purchase of the day.
Seldom do I pass up an Ideals Christmas if it is in good condition.
This one was!
What an "Ideal" outing for so little money.
This was only $.30!  I googled it and then realized what a great find it was!

heaven scent

Forty-plus years ago (in the late '60s)  this was one of my favorite scents.
A few years ago, I came across several of these small bottles of eau de parfum
in a thrift store, I believe.
I'm getting to the last drops of the last bottle, though I don't wear perfume regularly.
I haven't checked if Heaven Sent is still on the market.
I will miss it - and the memories that come with it - when it's gone.
Do YOU have a favorite scent that connects you to your past?


 Our recreation yesterday involved stops at a few thrift stores.
The Salvation Army store featured a 1/2 price sale pretty much store-wide.
It was difficult to say "no" to this charming mirror, so I didn't!
I can see it turning ANY table or desk into a vanity!

balls, boxes and bowls

 The long-neglected task of dusting began early this morning.
 It wasn't so bad as I alternated it with a cup of coffee.
 Beginning in this corner, I planned to work my way around the room.
 Progress is slow.
 I stop to photograph my recognition of all things wooden--
 balls, boxes and bowls.
Each one a favorite.  All thrift store or garage sale purchases, I'm certain. 

fun to dream

In less than 24 hours I bought and sold this 1947 Standard E.K. Blessing trumpet.
With case.
With mute.
(And a folding music stand which I did not sell.  Yet.)
I played a cornet in elementary school
When I saw this at a thrift store yesterday, old memories came flooding back
and I couldn't resist buying it.
The valves need cleaning, for sure.  I think it was a bargain.
I played the C scale, unsticking valves as I went
and surprising myself by how well I managed to create a solid tone.
The buyer is a young man whose high school music career I enjoyed following.
(Realistically I know I would not be playing it myself, but it was fun to dream!)
What instrument did/do YOU play?

in and out

 Dashed in and out of my Favorite Thrift Store yesterday...
 just long enough to spend $1.25 for these three items.
A 75"x45" vintage curtain panel (pretty sure I bought the other one there several months ago (need to check my stash); a plaid tin; and a thick book of "Family Fun & Games". 
Yes, we ARE game players in our household--
and always interested in trying a NEW one.