fit and trim

I wanted corner guards to protect some corners from gouging.
We'd added some to a few corners upstairs some time ago.
I'm CERTAIN we didn't pay the $30-$50 they "go" for now on the internet,
and no local lumber or big box stores had them available.
we purchased 8' lengths of corner trim at $2.98@.
My handy husband cut proper lengths and carefully fashioned trim
from a piece of scrap trim to top each piece.
The photo turned out light, but you can get the idea of how each guard is topped.
I'm ecstatic!
Now five new corners in our house are fit and trim
at a very affordable price.


  1. Very nice! Our hubbies would have a great time discussing this as mine has made some too on his lathe.

  2. I'm sure his lathe would have turned out exactly what I was after. (Alas, no lathe here. But I am perfectly content.)


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