one more mirror

 I'm really happy with how this panel we purchased long ago for $1
turned into a full-length mirror. 
It's middle part was removed and replaced with the mirror.
It will serve as a unique top for a sofa table, I think.
Meanwhile, I enjoy the architectural impact
this wood piece has made on our stair landing,
thanks to the creative work of my husband!


  1. It is always better and much more satisfying I think to repurpose and reuse what we have. We came home from plant shopping yesterday to find that our neighbors were tossing 4 small drawers, without handles. I told my husband, those would be great for my plants ... and now they are on my balcony waiting for seedlings. :)

    1. What a great idea (along with many others for repurposing drawers)!

  2. Mirror is a beauty and such a perfect place! I would never have thought of that spot!


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