making do

Dear oh me!  These curtains have been hanging FAR too long.
The color scheme in our living room no longer goes with the rose color in them.
Budget constraints prohibit new curtains in the immediate future,
but as I looked at them in the dark, morning hours 
I had a brainstorm!
I removed them from the rod,
eliminated some cobwebs,
and to the washing machine went the curtains.
Once washed and dried, we rehung them THIS way...
Yep!  Inside out. 
The colors look a bit more faded.  The red/rose colors aren't as prominent.
 I'm going to try hanging them straight up and down yet.
That may make it even better!

Use it up;
Wear it out.
Make it do
or do without! 


  1. Awesome-sauce! (I like that commercial...LOL) And, I really like that little poem at the end of your posts! Great idea!

  2. You, my friend, are BRILLIANT!

    1. Coming from YOU, that is a HUGE booster :)
      Apparently the two panels faded when facing the outside - one more than the other, of course. Now I'm thinking a spin in the washer with some bleach. What do YOU think?

    2. Or dye....
      Smart thinker, you are.

  3. I love use what you have decorating! Great idea!

  4. True to my heart use what you already have , What a brilliant Idea xxx

  5. Great idea Rebecca and the new look is very nice!

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady


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