"i love it so"

I moved into this darling 500 square ft house in January 2012. The bones were perfect for my cottage style. The most important thing I want to show is that I believe the only new thing you will see is the sofa, my sunglasses, and some dishes. Everything else is old. I don't care that much for new. I love it so, enjoy. (Scarlett Fiona Reed, here)
 I don't care that much for new either!  
....don't judge you if you do,
but it's how I "roll"...


  1. I absolutely LOVE her home. Her chippy rustic style is fabulous. I like to think I could live in a space that small but don't really think I could. My home is 1500 sf and it feels a bit big for just me.

  2. I like old, recycled, etc. Not too much new here either.

    Have a great fall ~ FlowerLady


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