more is more

 I traveled with my father to his home town for a routine doctor visit.
 I asked him to drop me off at the local library to wait while he had his appointment 
 and ran another errand or two.
 The library is a lovely one with a comfortable seating area
 and many fine decorating magazines.
 I was not bored OR disappointed as I perused the current House Beautiful magazine.
Can you tell I agree with Dolly Parton who is said to have said:
"Some people say that less is more. But I think more is more."


  1. I love the entryway in the second photo. That's my idea of perfection, so I had to chuckle when I read the quote, "When you enter it feels like a tiny cottage. We wanted to delay the drama." :)

  2. I'm with Dolly, Rebecca! ha hah a Susan

  3. I agree entirely , Just wish my husband did we have to come to a compromise lol xxx


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