miscellaneous on wednesday

For what's going on with the sewing machine, click HERE.
And yesterday, I was especially thankful for my cell phone's camera
when I came across these like-new golf shoes in one of my favorite thrift stores!
I texted the photo to my husband who said, "Yes!"
Finally, here's the potting bench my husband's been working on with a base coat of paint.
Can't wait until it's finished!

magazine love & lore

 An hour thumbing through magazines
 at Barnes and Noble (does anyone else do this?)
 found me admiring these interiors...
 Clearly, I gravitate toward rooms full and overflowing!
 Eclectically traditional.  Layered.  
Full of paintings, books, colors and textures.

what he's up to...

 Always SOMEthing!
Using planed-down, old boards (some of which were free),
he's fashioning a potting bench.
I'm giving advice -
like "That's too long,"
or "Add this (or that)."
I'm thinking a shelf, maybe some hooks....
 Yes!  Like that...

how we roll

Yep!  This is how we roll!
Especially when we stumble on one of those rare, curbside treasures!
Here yesterday; gone today.
We decided to sell is "as is" and dream about what might have been.