another sweet monday

It was another sweet Monday.  A day away for me...
I dropped my husband off at the office, adding my tracks to the ones above.
I drove to the Huntington IN public library where I waited in the parking lot for its 9:00 opening.
Once inside, I gathered a stack of books to read
As usual, I found many images to fuel my imagination; 

 to capture and store as testimony to my evolving and current decorating preferences...

At 10:00, I closed the books and headed for the thrift store I'd discovered a week or two ago.
I saw a $.50 rack where I purchased this sweater that I'm wearing this morning.
The rest of the day found me variously enjoying the sunshine via Frances Mayes' 
Bringing Tuscany Home (a library book I'd brought along to fill spare minutes)
and actually SITTING in the sunshine by the window at Panera while I enjoyed a Greek salad 
in the company of my fine husband.

"…making beauty around you honors all of life", Frances wrote.

After a few hospital visits (my husband is a visitation pastor at our church),
we returned home where my sisters and brothers-in-law and father
gathered around our table to play games and share a simply delicious meal --
my sisters' homemade potpie and salad,
topped with a cheese cake that we'd picked up at Aldi's earlier in our sweet Monday.


  1. Good books, good food, family - it just doesn't get any better! xoMary

  2. Sounds like the perfect day. I love that sweater; turtlenecks are the best. xo

    1. Thanks, Nancy. It WAS a good day. And the sweater works because of the up-and-down lines to it, I think... It's really comfortable.

  3. A great day indeed and a very smart looking sweater in which you look lovely! Love the pictures you shared from the decorating books. Very special to have family nearby to share food and fun!

  4. Simple pleasures. Sounds like a wonderful day.


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