hygge on my mind

A visit to Coffee Tea Books and Me  and a link therein
gave me a new lens through which to view this corner of our bedroom--
a hygge corner to me. 
It also left me wondering what form (if any)
hygge will take this spring...
By the way, without using the word itself,
Abigail Ahern NAILED the essence of hygge here, in my opinion! 
(Let me know YOUR reaction to her post, will you?)


  1. Love your corner! Yes, agree with Ahern that a home should be comfy, a lived in place. My house is so dated by today's standards, but I work with what I have and what I can do..and what feels right for me.

    1. Oh, MY space is very dated, too. But it "feels" right to me. I think I am WAY ahead of the trend. LOL!

  2. Oh my... I fell in love with her dark blue room. Yours looks very similar except lighter in color. I could sit in your corner with tea and a book for hours!

    1. I really like the dark colors, too - especially greys and blues. Yes, we painted our bedroom years ago. I've liked it ever since but would be happy to go darker! It's a wonderful corner to sit in. However if I'm honest about it, I seldom return upstairs until bedtime.


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