making it happen

My thrift store excursions are much rarer these days.
However, once in awhile, I venture out with a specific goal.
This time it was to find suitable fabric to cover a footstool.
I was thrilled to find a remnant for $.99!

My husband went to work to make it happen,
and I am so pleased with the result!


  1. Very pretty! I like how the blue coordinates but is not matchy matchy. Well done you (as the English say...I love that saying)

    1. In my next post, I'll show where the stool currently sits. (It was TOO un-mathcy matchy for me right next to the couch.) :)

  2. So you went out looking specifically for upholstery fabric to cover your stool and you found some for 99 cents? That's amazing serendipity! Your hubby did a great job on the stool. It's very pretty.xo


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