guess what

 Guess what WE're up to?!?
Below:  in the painting station my husband rigged up after one coat.
(I'm hoping it appears a little more "blue" than black after the second coat
and when hung in our living room.)
OK.  Finished and rehung.
In certain lights, it's blue.
In other light, it's a shadow and doesn't show the blue as well.
It doesn't "pop" as much as I'd hoped,
but it IS consistent with other blues in the room.


  1. This will be nice! Years ago we had a light fixture that we painted...painted it again in last overhaul. Fixture might be dated but was favorite when I bought it and still is, although not a great thing for older people to change a bulb in! If only rest of country could use such saving techniques and learn to treasure more than goods!

    1. I have various shades of blue accessories and upholstery in our living room. I'm hopeful it "pops" and adds a playful touch to our "old folks" style :)

  2. I really like the small change you did with the figure. Isn't it wonderful what one can do with a can of spray paint!
    Like me, you also revel in reusing and repurposing....good for you and good for our planet.


  3. I think it's great, Rebecca. I often see metal lamps and other fixtures in the thrift store and think about taking them home and repainting with rustoleum paint, but I don't really need another lamp. LOL Could try selling them, I guess. I once spray painted a pot rack from black to oil rubbed bronze. I loved how it looked afterwards. xo


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