full house

 The view from my new blue chair 
in one corner of our our living room.
(It - the blue chair - joining my husband's huge black recliner
as the only new pieces of furniture we've ever purchased for this room.)
We don't have a separate family room, so this is where we do most of our "living"
except for the kitchen table where we also play games in the evening 
and set up jigsaw puzzles
during the day...
My new blue chair sits in front of the antique wardrobe where the black chair
sits in this photo.
Yes, you could call it a Full House!
Seeing this room through my camera's "eye", I am content.
Our furniture is old; our style dated.
But we lack nothing and are  happy and blessed at the most fundamental level.


  1. Seems you have somewhat of a chair fetish as I do. Chairs are so much cozier than couches, aren't they? Hope someday you'll show us the pictures on the wall in the last picture. They look so good with your cozy room.

  2. Well, I sure will show you.
    And yes, I DO have "somewhat" of a chair fetish :)

  3. I love these glimpses into your lovely and comfy home. Very inviting.

    I love your staircase and window and door surrounds. Beautiful!!!!

    Have a nice Sunday and a great upcoming week ~ FlowerLady

    1. Oh, you too, Lorraine (a nice Sunday & upcoming week). I'm coming "over" to see if you've posted today. ♥

  4. I adore the woodwork on the stairs and around the windows - it's gorgeous! That whole room is so warm and inviting!

    1. Sometimes I get tempted to paint it (the woodwork), but it really is one of the things that sets this old house apart...

  5. This is a beautiful and inviting room. I wish I could come over this morning and visit with you there!

  6. I love your decorating style! I just can't get into the "farmhouse" look in my old age. ;-)

  7. Fluffing up my nest, too.....come see me. You might like what you see as I am a definite "thrifter" too.


  8. I love this room, Rebecca! It speaks "home" to me. It has the collected look I admire so much. Full of character! Very inviting. xo


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