another barnes and noble afternoon

 More "cottage" magazines than I remember seeing before...
So much inspiration...

so little cost.

Eclectic, colorful, full, fun and personal style at its best!


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    1. That's MY "take" on these photos, too. I find myself gravitating toward them in contrast to the white on white on white.

  2. We don't have good bookstores or get good magazines in this country. We used to when I first came 22 years ago. I bought the British decorating magazines back then because they were much cheaper than the American ones. But then censorship started being a problem and the Ministry made it difficult for vendors to get magazines into the country so all the small bookshops started closing down. Now I only buy magazines when I travel out of the country.

  3. Not sure what is happening here. It seemed to me there were several new magazines while the "old" familiar ones weren't on the racks.

  4. Oh, that kitchen! Be still my heart. xo

  5. Rebecca, I bought the top two recently. There is a kitchen in the one with the green door that is my dream kitchen. I even bought a sample of Benjamin Moore paint to copy the kitchen color. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

    1. How coincidental! I DO get a lot of inspiration. Never seem to get around to copying things exactly, but frequently come home and change up SOMEthing a little bit....


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