April Showers - (BABY showers, that is....)

The weather is so changeable!  It's difficult to know how to dress.  Yesterday it was chilly and very windy.  I wore this top (one of several items in the $1 bag - averaging out to less than $.12 an item) to the baby shower I attended.  My hands are in the way of the multi-colored belt I wore.  It added a little more brightness to the outfit as did the clip-on earrings...


  1. Wow, Rebecca. I love that top! Just my style. Very colorful with a nice design. Be sure to sign up for the Giveaway going on at my blog, commemmorating my soon-to-come 200th post! Have a nice Sunday. Sincerely, Susan

  2. Hi there-a lovely outfit, very nice colours for Spring and a good bargain too!

  3. Looking good! I swear you are the queen of the thrift sale. I can't imagine anything wearable costing 12 cents.



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