Saturday Seminar Wear

It was wet and windy when I got dressed to attend a Women's Seminar this morning.  This is what I wore....


...and this is a flier of the seminar.   


  1. Hi Rebecca...Hope you share on your blog some of what you learned at the Seminar. Sounded great! Sincerely, Susan

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    Yes, please do share some of what you learned. You look fab, by the the denim jacket.

  3. Hey Skinny!

    Rebecca, you look terrific! That jacket is perfect. Looks like you had an inspiring and FUN day.

    Enjoy the weekend,

  4. Hi there-a very casual chic ensemble, hope the seminar was good!!

  5. I would LOVE to find a denim jacket
    at a thrift store! Yours is great!
    I have a couple and I paid full price
    for one, got the other on sale. But
    I'd love to find one for a steal, as
    mine aren't going to last a lot longer.

  6. You look like a woman with self confidence already to me. Are you sure you aren't teaching the seminar?


  7. Hi Rebecca, you look great as usual! Have I ever mentioned that I like your hair style, I do. Tell us how the seminar was.

    Have a great day! Bonnie


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