Keeping the Rest Under my Belt

The most I'm going to show  today - my leather belt.  I'm in a hotel room getting ready for breakfast before leaving to attend our grandson's Grandparents' Day at school.  Traveling has not been kind to me.  I will apply some makeup and put on some funky earrings and pray to be an appropriately groovy grandma.  I AM looking forward to the day.  It's just starting out slowly.
Note the interesting sleeves/cuffs on my blouse.  Everything I'm wearing has been purchased at thrift stores, by the way.


  1. Well the belt is pretty and I love the stunning green color you are wearing, have a wonderful day, I am sure you will be the coolest Grandma there!

  2. The belt is really nice. Have a wonderful time at Grandparent's Day.


  3. Hi there-hope you've had a fabulous day, the belt and sleeves make to a chic outfit choice!!

  4. "Slow starts" can result in a day threaded with pleasant surprises! Your outfit was surely lovely, just like you. No doubt your grandson KNOWS you're one cool grandma.


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