Dressing for a Mocha Heath Latte

Here's one of the beige/tan skirts that will become my summer "uniform"!  They've been packed away during the winter, but I brought them out before vacation to enjoy when I returned home.

I'm wearing this one with a stretchy brown top & have added an animal print scarf to cover the cleavage situation....I've found shopping for this style of skirt easy at thrift stores - especially since I can fit into 8's and 10's. 

I wore this to meet a friend for coffee this morning.  I think I matched the color of my Mocha Heath Latte!


  1. OMG, Rebecca. You wear 8s or 10s? That is awesome. You look great. Sincerely, Susan

  2. I like this outfit, Rebecca, particularly the touch of animal print!

    Have a great weekend :-)

  3. You look great Rebecca and I love the scarf. Hurry up summer!


  4. Rebecca, you look fabulous..love all your posts...You have inspired me to lose some of my "mamaw middle"..


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