"Without frugality none can be rich, and with it very few would be poor."  (Samuel Johnson)

Saturday Seminar Wear

It was wet and windy when I got dressed to attend a Women's Seminar this morning.  This is what I wore....


...and this is a flier of the seminar.   

Dressing for a Mocha Heath Latte

Here's one of the beige/tan skirts that will become my summer "uniform"!  They've been packed away during the winter, but I brought them out before vacation to enjoy when I returned home.

I'm wearing this one with a stretchy brown top & have added an animal print scarf to cover the cleavage situation....I've found shopping for this style of skirt easy at thrift stores - especially since I can fit into 8's and 10's. 

I wore this to meet a friend for coffee this morning.  I think I matched the color of my Mocha Heath Latte!

Keeping the Rest Under my Belt

The most I'm going to show  today - my leather belt.  I'm in a hotel room getting ready for breakfast before leaving to attend our grandson's Grandparents' Day at school.  Traveling has not been kind to me.  I will apply some makeup and put on some funky earrings and pray to be an appropriately groovy grandma.  I AM looking forward to the day.  It's just starting out slowly.
Note the interesting sleeves/cuffs on my blouse.  Everything I'm wearing has been purchased at thrift stores, by the way.

April Showers - (BABY showers, that is....)

The weather is so changeable!  It's difficult to know how to dress.  Yesterday it was chilly and very windy.  I wore this top (one of several items in the $1 bag - averaging out to less than $.12 an item) to the baby shower I attended.  My hands are in the way of the multi-colored belt I wore.  It added a little more brightness to the outfit as did the clip-on earrings...

Sight-Seeing Tuesday

This is another top I got in the $1 bag at the garage sale a few days ago!  It is a brighter green than the picture shows and has pearlized snaps the length of the front.   It matches the same color in my capris (a gift from a friend last year).

Bought Along the Way...

This white top with lace insert was one of six or seven items (including 2 shirts for my husband) that I purchased at a garage sale benefiting one of the community cemeteries in the location in which we are vacationing.  The long sleeves were comfortable in the chilly mornings!
The shell bracelet and earrings were each 50 cents at a thrift store along our vacation route.  I've worn both several times already!

Hiking Clothes

This is what I wore while hiking trails around Lake Fontana, North Carolina! What a beautiful place. What a beautiful day!  By the way, the small tree that I'm standing by just might be the only yellow dogwood known to exist (the berries are yellow).

North Carolina Thursday

I'm the one on the right - wearing my "travel" pants and an orange tee.  All thrifted.

Charleston, South Carolina: She Wore...He Wore

She wore, plaid capris and a lavender top...and sunglasses.
He wore...

If you'd like to see more of our great day in Charleston, you can see it on my healthy living blog.

What Should I Wear When I Travel?

One of the magazines I read while riding toward our southern destination had this page with instructions about what to wear when traveling...
I was happy to wear MY black jeans which were close to those recommended by a fashion editor.  I wore mine with a white blouse, slip-on black shoes, and a silver necklace & earrings.  It worked for me!

Before eating a late morning breakfast at Cracker Barrel, we stopped in to check out this thrift store in Sevierville, TN.  I found some small figures for a Christmas project my husband is working on.  We met friends at their golf course home and traveled south, eating a wonderful  late afternoon dinner (salmon!) at Stone Ridge Tavern near/in Asheville, N.C.

Happy Easter, Everybody!

This is about the best I could do this morning.  The dress I'd planned to wear just didn't do anything for me.  (I should have planned it out earlier, but my "head" was somewhere else!)

Thrifted skirt (vintage),
thin navy belt,
blue jacket,
lacy white blouse,
blue necklace,
and newly thrifted beige shoes. 

After church, I will finish packing for vacation.  Hope I do a better job of planning than I did for Easter Sunday wear!

Eighty Degree Fashion

It's supposed to get up to 80 degrees today.  I've not made the switch-over from winter to spring in my closet yet, but this dress was lying in a stack in my laundry room from who knows when.

I had purchased a strip of cloth at a thrift store a while ago because it reminded me of the month I spent in Burkina Faso, West Africa.  I decided to wrap it around my waist and belt it to break up some of the vast amount of orange in the dress.  I'm looking a little tropical and don't know if I'll wear it out the front door.

I'm trying to include more elements in my outfit. and this was an attempt!  Belt, necklace, wrap, and sleeveless long dress...

I COULD wear this shirt/jacket over the dress...