an abigail update

Energized by my almost daily Abigail Fix
 (which today featured Simple Tricks),
I photographed the trio of living things around my house today.
It was empowering somehow to know that I had accomplished
at least two of her simple tricks...
that is groupings of three and live plants. 
Truth is, I do not find it easy to keep houseplants alive, 
but I seem to be on a roll with these three!


  1. They look very healthy and beautiful!

    1. These just may be the 2 varieties that are most impossible to kill :)

  2. They look nice....sad to say the only live things in my home is us. :)

  3. Your plants look lovely, I don't bother having them anymore, they only die if I have them. Thank you for your comment today, I am doing this because I know that God will give me the strength. We may only do it for a few years, but I feel very stingily that the Lord has been pushing me in this direction for quite some time now, and I have finally given in to Him. I feel confident that it is in His will, therefore we will be able to do it. He is my strength!


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