my rooster lamp

 This morning, I cleared out the bottom right cupboard of our kitchen island.
 I helped my husband place the rugs underneath it 
so we could slide it without 
 scratching the floor.
 Enter the electrician who drilled the hole in the floor
 and lots of other dirty work in the crawl space below it 
 which I had no interest in documenting...
 I confirmed the placement of the electrical box...
 and it was installed - enabling the placement and lighting of this rooster lamp.
(My husband wrote the check for what is my belated Christmas and birthday present.)
I'm thrilled.
The lamp was painted by my grandmother years and years and years ago.
It is a treasure to me and fits right in with my "fowl" decor
in our kitchen and dining area (see previous post).


  1. How wonderful for you! Let there be light--Rooster Light!

  2. I LOVE lamp light in kitchens. What a lovely birthday gift. Let there be light :)

    1. Me, too (lamp light in the kitchen). I basically detest the recessed lighting in ours - for various reasons,including that they generate so much heat and are "harsh" in the light they provide. The electrician who worked here yesterday suggested getting the new light bulbs - but frugal as I am, I cannot bring myself to replacing these that are still working....

  3. I love your kitchen island and the rooster lamp really sheds lovely light. I like lamps anywhere in a home, the light is so pleasing. I love the muted colors in your rooster lamp, really nice.

    Have a nice Sunday.


  4. Happy you got your rooster lamp lighted, Rebecca. Now that's something to "cockadoodle doo" about! Susan

  5. It's wonderful to have electrical outlets on the island. makes it much more functional, and as in your case, prettier with lighted lamps. I'm starting to think you have more birds around than I do!

  6. Wow. I LOVE that! I have a string of white lights hanging over my kitchen windows. When those strings burn out, the lamp comes back in!

  7. I have a lamp on the counter between the kitchen and living room. I loved it from the moment it was plugged in. How nice that your lamp is something very special to you. It's a beautiful lamp and a wonderful treasure.

  8. What a wonderful gift. Your lamp is so pretty and so special to you. It deserves a place of honor.



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