better than chocolate and/or flowers

 We're pretty nontraditional around here...
so here's how we chose to spend our Valentine Day.
Late in the morning we headed to an estate sale.
My sole purchase was the frame (above).
 Then we headed to a thrift store where we basically shook our heads
over the high prices.  Noting that we would not head back to THAT one soon,
we headed to a second.
To our delight it was a 50% off day.
So we came home with the doll bed (above) that needs some repair,
 the desk which needs a little attention,
and this empty sewing machine cabinet which will make a fine occasional table,
thank you very much!
 We enjoyed a pan taco pizza at Pizza Hut for lunch,
and later in the afternoon, My Man went to our local cafe
and came home with their last two pieces of cherry pie
for us to enjoy with a cup of coffee.
Then a cozy game of Split (a card game we enjoy)
which I won.
SO much better than chocolate and/or flowers as far as I'm concerned.
(And probably less expensive, too!)


  1. Hurray you had a lovely day and got some great finds too.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Sounds like a great day to me, Rebecca. You know what? I just went on a major hunt for a doll bed. Finally found one at Home Goods but paid a price that I grimaced at. But I wanted the bed for my baby granddaughter and didn't want to wait. Yours looks wonderful. Susan

    1. Glad you found one, Susan. One of the rockers is off this one. Gary MAY be able t reproduce it. If not, we'll just remove the existing one. I especially hope to preserve the vintage decal...

  3. Sounds like a great day for you both! We did a tad bit of flea marketing today after a writer's meeting. I toted home a few things including 4 plates that do not look like me at all! The are strange colors, not quite what I wanted even for my new departure color...but will see. And I found a wicker bowl cover for surely deck eating will come again soon!

    1. :) I'm fascinated by that "new departure" reference.....

  4. You found some goodies AND had cherry pie? Now I'm jealous. I do like a good piece of pie, cherry being one of my favorites. Never heard of the game Split - and we play quite a few games around here.


    1. Our kids introduced it to us a few years ago. It IS fun.
      And the cherry pie was even better than it looked on the picture!

  5. Sounds like a perfect Valentine's Day celebration to me, Rebecca.

  6. Most definitely! Gorgeous finds. love that frame! xxx

  7. I truly like your idea for Valentine's much better than flowers too and you got some great finds! Love the frame, you can do so much with it...I like all the others too, though.
    Have a lovely week ahead.

  8. What a great valentine both have a good eye for furniture...

  9. Wow! Where have I been? What finds! Love the doll bed. I'm having fun catching up with you.


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