wooden fruit

...currently a centerpiece
 in a wooden bowl on our kitchen table.
Fruit gathered from various thrift stores,
unrelated to each other except by category and material and source.


  1. This bowl with its wooden fruit is a work of art.

  2. I always loved wooden fruit, but never found some in the market to buy them! I love, love your bowl with them! Thank you for dropping by sweet lady!

  3. Amazing how they match considering they were picked up in different places. Nice.

  4. I like your wooden fruit! I don't like plastic fruit but that wooden fruit is cool!

  5. When I was growing up my mother had a bowl of plastic fruit on a cabinet in the corner of the dining room. I never liked artificial fruit. However, this wooden fruit is beautiful. I am amazed that you have just found and collected a piece here and there and now have a bowl full. So nice.

  6. The wooden fruit in a wooden bowl makes for a great centerpiece. Fun that it was collected bit by bit.



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