girls just want to have fun

 It was impossible for me to pass up this piece of needlepoint
at the thrift store last week!
Why would anyone go to the work to finish this
and stop short of framing it?
I had a white frame all ready for SOMEthing--
and my husband did a great job of stretching the
needlepoint canvas over a board,
inserting it into the frame,
and covering the back to look quite professionally done!
Girls just want to have fun.


  1. Whenever I see unfinished needlework at thrift shops, I usually buy it. I know how much time and patience has gone into it. Actually it is quite sad to think about how it ended up at a thrift shop. Especially a piece so well done like your Mickey Mouse. Happy you and your husband framed it. Linda

  2. This is so sweet and brings back fun memories of watching the Mickey Mouse Club when I was a kid! Looks perfect in that white frame.

    1. I think the frame works great, too, Sandy! We had painted a bunch of old frames a few weeks ago, and this one happened to fit Mickey...

  3. That needlepoint was a lot of work, Rebecca. Your hubs did a nice job framing it. Happy for you! Thanks for your visit and comment. Love when you stop by. Susan

    1. I KNOW, Susan. It was well-done. I really didn't "need" it, but for $.50, I couldn't pass it up.

  4. Hi my dear! Oh how awesome he now has pride of place and is framed up nicely! I just put my Mickey Mouse sweater in the laundry, you're right, we do need fun!! xxx

  5. It always makes me happy when someone rescues needlework. Your husband did a great job on the stretching/framing.



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