in-and-out thrifting

 Some quick in-and-out thrifting yesterday
netted me this sweet vintage frame.
(I've already removed the unexciting oil painting that was inside.)
 I was equally thrilled with this vintage lamp shade.
I was able to remove many of the brown spots with a serious scrubbbing.
A few remain.  I don't care.
 Inspired by my new finds,
I paired an empty vase with some shoe-shapers
(not sure of their real name).
Made for a little wooden bouquet!


  1. Hi Rebecca....Isn't it nice to find good frames? That was a good one. Susan

  2. I'm a fan of you new found frame too! It's so much fun to find a bargain that you can creatively use in your home!

  3. That starburst lamp shade is INCREDIBLE! Absolutely amazing, love every part of it.

  4. Double wow for the frame and the adorable lamp shade....that may even get another wow.

  5. And thanks for the great idea about "bunching" the the shoe shapers (don't know the name eithet!). I have some ancient ones that would look super in a vase. Have a good weekend. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  6. you've inspired me to go Thrifting and garage sale-ing. Hope I find some good buys like yours.

  7. I think they are called shoe trees.

  8. Sweet frame! And your wooden 'bouquet' is awesomesauce :)


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