We didn't put in a jigsaw puzzle all winter....
Now, just as spring is about to descend (optimistic here),
we completed one and are starting on another.
Both were thrift store purchases.
Always risky when buying puzzles, I know.
The first one was all here!
And we're well into the next!
Its 3 foot width just barely fits on the wing of our table!
It's puzzling to me how both happened to be MAP puzzles!
Besides being a bit addictive,  these are turning out to be
quite the educational endeavors.

Update:  Done!


  1. I grew up with map puzzles - I love them!

  2. I don't believe I have ever seen a Map puzzle. I shall have to look for those in various places when we travel. It would be a fun souvenir.

  3. Fun! I really like the shape of the second one. I am always afraid there will be missing pieces in thrift store puzzles. You took the risk and won though.


    1. Twice we won! (And believe it or not, we sprung for a third! This one has a U.S.A.. map and the Presidents up through Clinton around it - with facts about them on the various states....)


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