getting back into the groove

My husband had actually finished the vintage sewing cabinet (above)
before my accident.
Today he went out to the garage and worked to repair the sides
of this vanity that we found at a Goodwill Store.
He's stripping one of the drawers to see what it might look like to have the top and drawers "natural"
and the rest painted white and distressed.
I ♥ the maple leaf in the center, don't you?
 Yes, indeed!  This will work.


  1. Lovely! I have several pieces waiting to be painted....not feeling very motivated though. Hoping as the weather warms I'll get back in the groove. Hope you're healing up! I can't wait to go thrifting with ya this spring!

  2. These pieces are looking very good. How great your husband is working hard on them.

  3. So glad that you are recovering well...and you know that I think your husband's work is beautiful!!

  4. That's going to be a great piece, Rebecca. And the first cabinet looks great. Hope you are doing well!

  5. glad you're feeling better and getting back into mischief.

  6. Great pieces!

    So glad you are doing better!!

    Have a lovely Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  7. Looking good! Hope you're feeling much brighter and well on the road to recovery! xxxx

  8. Hope your recovery is quick. You can even buy the eggs if you don't care to decorate them yourself! I think it's a great tradition but then those Germans know something about trees for holidays, don't they?

  9. Two nice new pieces. Like them both. Hope your recovery is going well. I would imagine there is some physical therapy involved. Glad you are back to blogging though.


  10. Hi my dear! Well done to hubby, he has done a fabulous job on both pieces, they look wonderful! Wishing you a continued speedy recovery xxx


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