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 Monday afternoon we drove into the "city" to Barnes and Noble.
It's been a l-o-n-g time since we've done this
(used to be a once-a-week habit)!
I gathered a few magazines and leisurely paged through them.
It felt like the ultimate luxury.
I used to subscribe to a couple of the magazines above,
but they seemed to fill up with more and more advertisements 
at the same time the subscription rates increased,
so I dropped them.
I still have stacks of the old Victoria magazines.
It used to be my favorite along with Country Living which I couldn't find at B&N  yesterday...
Hmmmmmm.  I wonder where it was... particularly intriguing photo...


  1. I love magazines, they've just become too expensive. Now I only read them in the doctor's office and the selection there is not always to my liking. I think that's one reason I love blogging so much, visiting all the wonderful blogs is like thumbing thru a magazine!

    1. I agree, Mary. There is still "something" about holding an actual book or magazine in my hands though...

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  3. Wow I love that room in the picture. Ugh magazines have way to many ads I dont ever buy them it used to be you could get so inspired by them. not so much anymore ~Heather

  4. Hi Rebecca!
    My mother and I have always loved Victoria Magazine and we saved many copies years after it went out of print.
    So many beautiful images -- we never had the heart to throw a copy away.
    When I heard it was coming back again, I ordered subs for my mom and me!
    Great publication, I agree with you!


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